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Dear visitors! IMPERIUM ROMANUM exists and develops for over 10 years. The main goal is to make knowledge about the history of ancient Rome available to everyone. Access to the articles is completely free and the author will never agree to charge the readers. The owner spends a lot of private time, in order to have knowledge available and visitors satisfied.

Currently, there are ambitious plans for the future: website will be developing faster and the content will extend. As of now, I am focusing on delivering English version of website, what requires big amount of money.

Summarizing, your support is extremely needed. There are many ways to add your own brick to build the largest website in history about ancient Rome! You can find the below:

Support financially

The resources of the website are fully and for free available to everyone. Apart from free time, the author also invests his own money on: server, domain, technical support. If you have the opportunity to financially support further development of IMPERIUM ROMANUM – even with a small amount – I will be really grateful. (more)

You can support website also through Patreon. (more)

Promote website

Please like the website or share the website among your friends and family. You can share observe fanpages on: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Suggest others, who are interested in ancient history, to contact me. This way you will help.

Write and send article

If you have any article about ancient Rome that you would like to share and make public, there is nothing simpler than sending me the text on email address. Naturally, I will place (if you wish) your authorship and give others a chance to use your knowledge.
Any work that is “wasted” on private drives now has a chance to be published!

Review and feedback

Write on email with advice on what to change. Rate the page, hint what to improve in order to make the website better. Maybe you have found a mistake – let me know! The vast amount of materials, unfortunately, causes a slip of the tongue or “transposed digits” in the content. Each mail will be considered, analyzed and answered.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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