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Welcome to the largest Polish website dedicated to the history of ancient Rome. The main purpose of the site is to create a huge source of information about the Roman Empire and to propagate this knowledge via the Internet.

Running the website and ancient Rome are my real passions, which I try to pursue in my free time. That’s why I’m constantly developing articles and writing new ones. At present, there are over 3, 300 articles in the database for Polish part of website and as of now there are works going on regarding the translation to English. When I was building this website, I dreamed of creating a compendium of knowledge about Rome’s history and making it available to all interested people.

Currently IMPERIUM ROMANUM has the biggest amount of information among websites dealing with this topic. However, this is not a satisfactory state for me. I am still striving to broaden the news and sections. Do you want to help?
If you have any text related to the history of ancient Rome or would like to write something and make it public, please contact me.

In Pompeii were discovered 5 skeletons


Nov 18

In Pompeii were discovered 5 skeletons

The latest excavations in Pompeii brought new discoveries. Researchers extracted 5 skeletons from the earth. (more)

Russel Crowe as general Maximus in the film Gladiator


Nov 18

“Gladiator 2” is coming – sequel to famous blockbuster movie

Over the years, it was considered to continue the blockbuster movie from 2000 – “Gladiator” – in which the main role was played by Russel Crowe. The story of an enslaved Roman general who had to fight for his life in the arena will certainly be remembered for a long time. The enormous success of the film encouraged to continue the story. (more)

In Pompeii, found inscription that could change date of Vesuvius eruption in 79 CE


Oct 18

In Pompeii, found inscription that could change date of Vesuvius eruption in 79 CE

Researchers found an extremely intriguing artifact in Pompeii. From the earth was excavated a wall, and on it a inscription, which was made of charcoal. Probably it was made by a worker who was repairing house. (more)

Discovered Roman villa in Cambridge


Oct 18

Discovered Roman villa in Cambridge

Researchers found a remains of a Roman villa in Cambridge. The new Eddington district had already revealed to the researchers two prehistoric funerary monuments, a Roman center, cemeteries, roads. Nobody, however, expected further discoveries. (more)

Colored burial chamber in Cumae


Sep 18

Scientists discovered colored burial chamber in Cumae

In June this year, researchers discovered a beautiful colored burial chamber in Cumae (southern Italy). On the walls of the chamber you can see a servant carrying a jar of wine and a vase. Certainly on the other walls were the guests of the banquet. (more)

Roman port discovered in Portugal


Sep 18

Roman port discovered in Portugal

A combined team of researchers from Portugal and Germany discovered the remains of a Roman port, which – in their opinion – is in good condition. (more)

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Coin of Hadrian

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Curiosities about ancient Rome

Ancient Romans left behind a lot of strange information and facts that are sometimes hard to believe. (więcej)

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The latest information and discoveries related to the history of ancient Rome. (more)

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The site exists since 2004 and during that time I managed to collect a lot of materials about ancient Rome.
I have repeatedly corrected and modified the website to maximally adapt the navigation to the needs of visitors. I think, finally, I managed to achieve it.
From the early beginning, on the home page, there was my own thought – in my opinion great:
“To the glory of Caesar and the Roman people, go the way of victory, the way of the great Empire!”. This sentence encourages me to work more on the website.

IMPERIUM ROMANUM needs your support!

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