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Discoveries and news in Rome

All the latest information about discoveries from the world of ancient Romans. I encourage you to let me know about any Roman news and to indicate any corrections or inaccuracies. I try to search for material everywhere, but it is natural that not everything will be noticed by me.

Roman ring with snakes considered treasure

In March 2018, a beautiful silver Roman ring showing two cobra heads was discovered in Upper Winchendon (central England). The object is dated to the middle of the 2nd century CE. Currently, the object is deformed, because originally the heads were in contact with each other.

Roman ring with snakes considered treasure

Did ancient Romans use Chinese medicine?

Researchers at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome examined the preserved bone remains of a young woman who lived in Italy 2,000 years ago. The conclusions are that the woman could use as medicines, roots and herbs, which were only available in China.

Szczątki około 20-letniej kobiety zostały odkryte w 2008 roku w Toskanii

Pompeii waterworks will be reused

The ancient sewer systems of the Pompeii are in such good condition that the current authorities want to start using them again. Some tunnels – about 450 meters long – have already been evaluated by specialists.

Pompeii tunnel

Unusual find in England from 1992

In 1992 there was an amazing discovery. In a field in the town of Hoxne, in the east of England, farmer Eric Lawes excavated a huge treasure from Roman times. As it turned out, the man did not look for historical artifacts, but only tried to find his lost hammer.

Hoxne's treasure on display. The showcase shows how the treasure chest looked like

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