Roman discoveries

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Roman sarcophagus was discovered in 2017 in London

At the construction site on Swan Street in central London, in 2017, a Roman sarcophagus with a lid was found. According to preliminary analysis, the object is 1600 years old. The sarcophagus contained human remains probably belonging to a representative... Read more

Roman mosaic fully unveiled in eastern England

In Boxford (eastern England), the Roman mosaic was fully unveiled, which dates back to the 4th century CE. The discovery was made in 2015; however, only now can we fully admire the preserved object. The mosaic consists of several scenes... Read more

Roman cemetery was discovered in France

During construction carried out for a new housing estate, in Narbonne (southern France), traces of the former Roman cemetery were found. Among the finds are grave steles, dishes and even jewels. Interestingly, the discovered amphoras were buried in an upright... Read more

Fresco discovered in Pompeii showing gladiator fight

In recent days a fresco was discovered in Pompeii showing the fight of two gladiators: murmillo (left) and Thraex. The discovery occurred in the section Regio V. Fresco shows the scene of defeating one of the gladiators.... Read more

Wreck of Roman ship was discovered near coast of Mallorca

A wreck of a Roman ship, about 1700 years old, was discovered off the coast of Mallorca. Among the remains of the ship are 93 amphoras with contents. The first signals that there could be an amazing antique find next... Read more

Three Roman skeletons were discovered during subway construction

During the construction of the metro in Rome, workers came across skeletons that belonged to the Romans. Due to the fact that human remains were found in the place where the “Pyramid” station will be located, the artifacts were referred... Read more

Archaeologists found victim in Pompeii who lost head while escaping

During excavations, the researchers found remains of a body that had no head. According to the researchers, the decapitation occurred during the victim’s escape in Pompeii. The man was crushed by a huge 300 kg stone, which was thrown from... Read more

In Bulgaria, Polish archaeologists discovered fragment of document confirming granting of Roman citizenship

In Novae (Bulgaria), within the Roman camp, a fragment of a document confirming the granting of citizenship to a soldier serving in a local unit was found. Excavations are carried out on site for almost 50 years by a group... Read more

In Devon was discovered slaughterhouse from Roman times

In Ipplepen, in the county of Devon (south-western England), scientists discovered the remains of a slaughterhouse that dates back to the 4th century CE. It is suspected that a whole team of craftsmen specializing in the processing of meat and... Read more

Famous skeletons from Modena belonged to men

Scientists have proved that the famous skeletons discovered in Modena (northern Italy) belonged to a pair of men. Those human remains are unique because of the fact that those belonged to people holding each other by hand. When the discovery... Read more

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