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Discoveries and news in Rome

All the latest information about discoveries from the world of ancient Romans. I encourage you to let me know about any Roman news and to indicate any corrections or inaccuracies. I try to search for material everywhere, but it is natural that not everything will be noticed by me.

“Gladiator 2” is coming – sequel to famous blockbuster movie

Over the years, it was considered to continue the blockbuster movie from 2000 – “Gladiator” – in which the main role was played by Russel Crowe. The story of an enslaved Roman general who had to fight for his life in the arena will certainly be remembered for a long time. The enormous success of the film encouraged to continue the story. (more…)

Russel Crowe as general Maximus in the film Gladiator

Roman brooch from 1800 years ago discovered

A person with a metal detector discovered a 1800-year-old copper Roman brooch with a palindrome (the phrase sounding the same from left to right and from right to left) engraved on it – “RMA”. The discovery was made on the Isle of Wight, an island belonging to Great Britain.


Roman brooch from 1800 years ago discovered

Upcoming Museum Night in Rome

During the weekend, around 8 December, during the Italian feast “Annunciation”, museum night takes place in many Roman museums. Admission is for a nominal fee, but you have to be aware of queues. (more…)

Forum of Trajan

Discovered Roman villa in Cambridge

Researchers found a remains of a Roman villa in Cambridge. The new Eddington district had already revealed to the researchers two prehistoric funerary monuments, a Roman center, cemeteries, roads. Nobody, however, expected further discoveries. (more…)

Discovered Roman villa in Cambridge

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