Roman discoveries

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Famous skeletons from Modena belonged to men

Scientists have proved that the famous skeletons discovered in Modena (northern Italy) belonged to a pair of men. Those human remains are unique because of the fact that those belonged to people holding each other by hand. When the discovery... Read more

Roman cauldron discovered in Norway

In Norway, a bronze cauldron was discovered, which, as it turned out, comes from the Roman Empire. The cremated corpse of a deceased person was placed in the object. The object is dated from 150-300 CE. The discovery occurred in... Read more

Fragments of mosaic were discovered in Roman villa in Georgia

As a result of excavations carried out in the so-called Gonio fortress (ancient Apsaros), which is located at the mouth of the river Chorokhi to the Black Sea, 15 km south of Batumi (Georgia), scientists have discovered the remains of... Read more

Polish treasure hunter discovered Roman coin of Marcus Aurelius Nigrinianus

Mr. Mariusz Ciepluch – Polish detectorist – made an amazing find in England. Let’s give the voice to the finder himself. During one of the morning exploration tramps somewhere in the riverbed, my attention was drawn, one of the signals... Read more

In Serbia, burial from 4th century CE was found

In the ancient town of Remesiana (now Bela Palanka, in south-eastern Serbia), the remains of a Roman burial were found. In total, 4 graves were discovered, which date back to the 4th century CE. Two people were buried in a... Read more

In Pompeii lies ten misfires from war

According to Italian media, Pompeii has at least ten misfires from World War II. Those were probably bombs dropped by Allied planes. In August 1943, Allied forces accidentally dropped a total of 165 bombs on Pompeii, in nine separate air... Read more

Are Roman coins in Poland faked?

Archaeologists from Warsaw University have analyzed Roman coins found in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Thanks to their research, they came to the conclusion that the coins do not come from the Roman Empire, as it has been thought so far,... Read more

McDonald’s restaurant will be built next to Baths of Caracalla

Between the Baths of Caracalla and the Aurelian Walls in Rome, the McDonald’s restaurant will be opened. The consent for the construction was expressed by the city authorities with the approval of archaeological supervision.... Read more

Roman mosaic was discovered in mosaic

In Egypt, a group of Egyptian and Polish archaeologists discovered a well-preserved Roman mosaic in the ruins of the house in Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria. The floor mosaic shows six hexagonal panels decorated with images of lotus flowers. According to... Read more

Remains of Roman city in England were found

In Kent (south-east of England), archaeologists found the remains of a Roman city. Numerous Roman artefacts have been discovered on the area of 18 acres. Among them there are rare coins, ceramics, jewelry. Some finds are dated even for the... Read more

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