Roman discoveries

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Remains of Roman city in England were found

In Kent (south-east of England), archaeologists found the remains of a Roman city. Numerous Roman artefacts have been discovered on the area of 18 acres. Among them there are rare coins, ceramics, jewelry. Some finds are dated even for the... Read more

Wreck of Roman ship was discovered next to coast of Cyprus

An ancient Roman shipwreck was discovered on the east coast of Cyprus. This is the first well-preserved ship of this type in the history of the island. Divers discovered in the ship numerous amphorae in which wine and other liquids... Read more

Wooden “arm” was discovered in Britain

In Northamptonshire (central England) a wooden longitudinal object was discovered, which according to scientists was an offering to the deity. The artifact shows a small arm made of one piece of wood. The discovery was made at the bottom of... Read more

Another fantastic discoveries from Vindolanda

In the last days, scientists working at the excavations in the remains of Vindolanda (the Roman camp near the wall of Hadrian – in the north of England) found another interesting finds. Among the artifacts there is an iron key,... Read more

German authorities returned Roman monument to Italy

The German authorities returned the Roman monument to Italy. We are talking about a sculpture from the second century CE, which depicts a young man. The object was discovered in the 1930s. The artefact was taken away from Italy between... Read more

Amazing Roman discovery in Exeter

Researchers discovered the remains of the Roman fortress Isca Dumnorium in the city of Exeter (south-west England). The picture shows, how scientists suspect, a lime kiln in which lime was produced, which is a mortar used in buildings. Archaeologists have... Read more

Archaeologists found that Romans in city of Portus had good diet

Research done by British scientists shows that the Roman inhabitants of the ancient city of Portus had a very good diet – rich in meat and wine from North Africa. Portus was built in the 1st century CE, during the... Read more

Roman camp was discovered in Germany

In Bielefeld (western Germany), scientists found the remnants of the Roman marching camp – large fragments of the wall, which date back to the reign of Emperor Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE). Fortunately, over the next centuries, the area... Read more

Festival of summer opera in Baths of Caracalla

On June 11 – August 7, a very interesting event takes place in Rome – the festival of the summer opera in the ruins of Baths of Caracalla. The show, including ballet, opera and concert, will take place under the... Read more

Works of Roman poets of classical period in Latin

Works of Roman poets of classical period in Latin, performed by students of the Viviarium Novum Academy in Rome. The Academy educates exclusively in the field of early music and classical culture.... Read more

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