Roman discoveries

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Roman coin of usurper Laelianus was found

During the construction works for the A14 from Cambridge to Huntingdon an interesting discovery was made. The Roman coin of the usurper Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus was extracted from the earth. Roman ruled about two months in 269 CE before being ... Read more

Researchers discovered Sphinx Chamber in the Golden House of Nero

In the autumn of last year, scientists made a very interesting discovery – in the ruins of the Golden House of Nero in Rome, the remains of an unknown chamber were found. On one of the walls, among others there ... Read more

Roman board game discovered in Vindolanda

During the recently conducted excavations in Vindolanda, next to the remains of the Hadrian’s wall (northern England) a cracked stone board for playing ludus latrunculorum was discovered. The object was found in one of the forts – dated back to ... Read more

Forgotten bath discovered in famous Baths

Excavations carried out in the famous Roman Baths (England) have rediscovered the forgotten pool. It measures 4 by 5 meters and is one of the eight known pools in Baths. The outdoor swimming pool is located under York Street, near ... Read more

22 Roman skeletons were found in England

In Lincoln (northern England) archaeologists found 22 skeletons from Roman times. Two of them do not have heads. The remains belong to men, women and children and are found on the former Roman cemetery in the Roman town Lindum Colonia. ... Read more

Virtual journey around Nero Palace

Nero’s Palace – Domus Transitoria – was brought back to life. Specialists have recreated it by computer, and those who are willing can admire the work through a virtual reality headset. Domus Transitoria was the palace of Nero, which allowed ... Read more

Remains of rabbit from Roman villa again examined

In 1964, in the remnants of the Roman villa in Chichester (south of England), a fragment of the 4 cm long tibia bone was found. In 2017, after testing, it turned out that it belonged to a rabbit. What’s more, ... Read more


Antiquipop is an association that was founded in Lyon in 2015 to promote an increasingly elitist classical culture and study its presence in contemporary mass culture. Every year, in several cities of France, thematic conferences and events are organized to ... Read more

Museum in Louvre – 30 years from the building of famous glass pyramid

The Musee du Louvre is one of those European museums that can boast of the finest collections of ancient art. This year, the museum celebrates 30 years since the creation of the famous glass pyramid in its courtyard. Its construction ... Read more

Exhibition dedicated to times of reign of Emperor Claudius in Rome

From April 6th to October 27th at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome – Museum of the Altar of Peace – we can see the exhibition “Claudio Imperatore. Messalina, Agrippina e le ombre di una dinastia” dedicated to the times ... Read more

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