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Discoveries and news in Rome

All the latest information about discoveries from the world of ancient Romans. I encourage you to let me know about any Roman news and to indicate any corrections or inaccuracies. I try to search for material everywhere, but it is natural that not everything will be noticed by me.

Restored Roman “sanatorium” in Collado Mediano

In the Spanish town of Collado Mediano (near Madrid) the process of restaurants of ruins after the ancient “sanatorium”, referred to as El Beneficio, was completed. Moreover, according to pap nearby, a campsite was built, for those interested in history and the holiday atmosphere, under the cloud. Thanks to this, tourists will learn what the Roman way to relax looked like. All this thanks to the support of the local authorities, amounting to EUR 300 000.

Roman "sanatorium" in Collado Mediano

The “hand of god” from Roman times was discovered in Vindolanda

A “hand of god” from Roman times was discovered – such sensational messages flow from the vicinity of Hadrian’s wall. The object is made of bronze, weighs about 2.3 kg and according to the researchers was probably a gift to the deity to support the Romans in the military expedition or to be a form of thanks for the care.

Discovered bronze hand in Vindolanda Roman camp

Roman skull stolen from excavations

A skull from Roman times was stolen from the excavations in Malton, Northern England. The theft occurred on the night of May 9. As reported, after this event, two suspicious men were filming in the area.

Roman skull stolen from excavations

Well-preserved via Tiburtina was discovered

A well-preserved fragment of ancient via Tiburtina was discovered in Rome, which was dated back to the 2nd – 1st century BCE. The road connected Rome with Tibur (today Tivoli) and led to the northeast, totalling about 200 km.

Well-preserved via Tiburtina was discovered

Mouse-shaped Roman leather toy discovered

In the former Roman Vindolanda camp (northern England), scientists looked closely at the collection of preserved antique pieces of leather. Scientists, reviewing scraps of artefacts, drew attention to the shape of one of them.

Mouse-shaped Roman leather toy discovered

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