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Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila

Remains of ruins in Cerro da Vila

The Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila are in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal, near the coastal area of Vilamoura.

The Romans began their presence in this region in the 2nd century BCE and settled it in the 1st century BCE. Over time, the Algarve area became part of the province of Lusitania, which was divided into three districts: Balsa (current city of Luz da Tavira), Ossonoba (current Faro) and Ciuitas with the capital in Cilpes (current Silves) or Lacobriga (current Lagos).

Cerro da Vila was in Ossonoba and had its own port. The Roman villa consisted of two residences (the main one was along the port), a bathhouse, a necropolis, and a fish salting station. Of the two residences and the bathhouse, the only remains are partitions that gave off impluvium, atrium and tablinum.

Fragments of floor mosaics have survived to our times.

Cerro da Vila was used by the Visigoths and Moors after the fall of Rome.

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