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Roman ruins in Troia, Portugal

Roman ruins in Troia, Portugal

The Troia Peninsula, located south of Setubal and Lisbon (Portugal), played a very important role in the fisheries sector in Roman times. The center operated until the 6th century CE.

The center was probably founded in the first half of the first century CE. They traded mainly in the famous garum sauce and fish that was transported in salt.

The abundance of fish and salt in this area meant that Troia was the largest fish processing center in the Roman Empire. Currently, you can admire the ruins of the term with rooms for hot and cold baths, two-story houses, a necropolis with several types of graves, or an early Christian basilica.

Roman ruins in Troia

Interestingly, excavations are still being carried out in Troia and bring new discoveries.


  • Photo of ruins: Portugal Travel Guide

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