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Roman ruins in Miróbriga

Roman ruins in Miróbriga

Near Santiago do Cacem (southwestern Portugal) there are remains of the Roman town Mirobriga Celticorum. To this day, we can admire monumental stone structures.

The city had its own forum around which trade developed and numerous shops were opened. The city also had two bathhouses, which are among the best preserved in Portugal. Each of them had frigidarium (cold water pools), tepidarium (hot water and sauna), caldarium (hot water pools) and a public toilet.

To the east of the bathhouse there is a small bridge that led to the forum, imperial temple and the temple of Venus. Surrounded by monumental buildings there was another temple, which was dedicated to the local deity.

Bridge in Miróbriga

Miróbriga also had a 370 x 75 m hippodrome in the arena of which chariot races were organized. There was a triumphal arch at the southern entrance to the stadium.

Naturally, remnants of numerous residences and houses were found in the city.


  • Photo of ruins: www.cm-santiagocacem.pt
  • Photo of bridge: Carole Raddato

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