Aquila, Roman legionary eagle

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Adrian Gheorghe

Aquila, a Roman legionary eagle, found in a field near the village of Sălcuta in Romania. The eagle has dimensions: length 168mm, height 82mm, weight 340g. The legs of the animal have not survived to our times, but the eagle probably held lightning in its claws.

There are traces of gold, because the piece was originally gilded. It is certain that before the gold was removed from the object, the eagle belonged to an important Roman military unit. What is composition:

  • The gilded part: Sn=51%; Cu=18.5%; Pb=16.6%; Au=8.5%; Sb=3%; Fe=1.4%; Zn=traces.
  • The bronze part: Sn=77.6%; Cu=1.5%; Pb=14.6%; Sb=4.2%; Fe=1.4%; Au=traces.
  • The bronze part – the wing point: Sn=78.9%; Cu=2.3%; Pb=12.1%; Sb=5.1%; Fe=1.1%; Au=traces.



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