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Model of Roman ship from Trajan column

A model of the Roman ship that was shown on the Trajan column. The units were used to transport soldiers and equipment across the Danube. The object is located in the Museum of Ancient Sailing in Mainz (Germany).... Read more

Reconstruction of murmillo’s gladiator helmet

Reconstruction of the murmillo’s helmet (gladiator type), on which scenes of the siege of Troy are visible. The helmet was made of bronze and the object was made by Sabatino de Angelis. The reproduction is currently in the Naples Museum.... Read more

Roman oil lamp shaped in form of griffin

Made of bronze, Roman lamp (lucerna) in the shape of a griffin. The object is dated to the 4th century CE and was found in Serbia. On the head of the mythical creature is a dove standing on the cross,... Read more

Marble head sculpture of Praetorian

Marble head sculpture of a Praetorian. A scorpion is visible on the cheek, probably the emblem of the Praetorian Guard in 1st – 2nd century CE. The object is in the Antikensammlung collection in Berlin.... Read more

Roman decorative stand

Roman decorative rack for fruit or water dish. The legs are made up by satires. The object is located in the Archaeological Museum of Naples.... Read more

Reconstruction of Ostia Antica and Portus

The “Associated Architects Studio” has created an amazing reconstruction of the ancient port city of Ostia Antica and the great port of Rome – Portus. Portus was created during the reign of Emperor Claudius (41-54 CE), however, the visualization shows... Read more

Beautiful Roman necklace

Roman necklace with a large disk and snake head clasp. The object is dated on 3rd century CE.... Read more

Roman denarius with heroic scene

The reverse of a silver Roman denarius minted in 103 BCE. The coin depicts a battle scene between a Roman soldier (right), protecting his companion, from an attack by a barbarian warrior from the Ligurian tribe. The scene refers to... Read more

Antique dishes discovered in Malta

Different types of antique vessels discovered in Malta from the first century BCE. – 3rd century CE. The exhibition is located in Domus Romana in Malta.... Read more

Largest construction disaster of ancient Rome

The Romans left behind many wonderful buildings, many of them have survived to this day in a better or worse condition. Amphitheatres, where crowds of people gathered to see gladiatorial battles, enjoyed great popularity among the Romans. Unfortunately, one of... Read more

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