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Alexander the Great was worshiped

Alexander the Great and his conquests have always passed into the memory of posterity. Ancient Romans were a people who very often referred to the feats of the Macedonian leader – especially the generals. It is worth mentioning here about ... Read more

Cicero, etymology of names and philosophy of “to have or to be”

Cicero, etymology of names and philosophy of “to have or to be”: But Jupiter himself — the name means ‘the helping father,’ whom with a change of inflexion we style Jove, from iuvare ‘to help’; the poets call him ‘father ... Read more

Roman fresco showing the punishment of Dirce

Roman fresco showing the punishment of Dirce. She was wife of Lycus – king of Thebes. Fresco was found House of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, VII, 4, 56 in Pompeii. Dated to I century CE. Currently located in Naples, ... Read more

Roman belt buckle

Roman belt buckle. Object is made of bronze and dated back to 3rd-4th century CE. It was found in large Roman villa rustica in Ćelije near Lajkovac (central Serbia).

Conspiracy for life of Gaius Marius

Gaius Marius, at the end of the second century BCE, was in practice the dominant figure on the political scene of Rome. The proof of this was repeated fulfillment of the consul’s function. Plutarch says that when he held the ... Read more

Roman stele depicting banker

Roman stele depicting banker counting money and a slave with scrolls. Object dated back to 3rd century CE. It is fragment of tombstone found in Viminacium, Roman town located near Kostolac, eastern Serbia.

Cicero and etymology of the names of celestial bodies

According to Greek mythology, Saturn or Cronos was to deprive his father of his masculinity, and Jupiter was to be imprisoned his father Saturn. As states Cicero: Another theory also, and that a scientific one, has been the source of ... Read more

Roman comb

Roman comb made of animal bone. Object dated back to 4th century CE. It was found in ancient Sirmium current Sremska Mitrovica (northern Serbia). Currently located in Srem Museum in Sremska Mitrovica.

Hypocrisy in eyes of Romans

Hypocrisy in eyes of Romans: Again, when a corrupt and extravagant man was expatiating in the senate on frugality and self-restraint, Amnaeus sprang to his feet and said: “Who can endure it, my man, when you sup like Lucullus, build ... Read more

Shortly about Diocletian

Emperor Diocletian came from a poor family from the Salona area. He owe his position to hard work and military capabilities, thanks to which he quickly advanced to the highest levels of the Roman army. Among other things, he was ... Read more

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