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Duel of playwrights

In 46 BCE, during his triumph, Julius Caesar announced a competition for playwrights for writing. The two most important participants were Decimus Laberius and Publilius Syrus. OUltimately, Syrus won the grand prize – a million sesterces. Noteworthy, however, is the ... Więcej

Apollo statue with Trajan’s head

Apollo statue with the head of Trajan, located in the Colonna Gallery in Rome. Interestingly, probably a restorer, he connected Trajan’s head to “the body” by mistake. Apparently, it is a common situation that statues that have not survived intact ... Więcej

Statue of Augustus in Colonna Gallery in Rome

Statue of Augustus in the Colonna Gallery in Rome. The gallery is a private property of the Colonna family, it is open only on Saturday and we can only visit it with a guide.

“Bust” of Augustus in Merida

The “bust” of Augustus at the Archaeological Museum in Merida, which probably formed part of the statue. Merida – Augusta Emrita – was built during the time of Augustus by Marcus Agrippa for the purpose of settling there veterans. Visitors ... Więcej

Roman women could not drink wine

In ancient Rome, women could not drink wine, what was due to the paternalistic Roman society. Men’s domination caused that women were perceived as weak individuals who are susceptible to any negative factors. It was thought that wine could only ... Więcej

Temples of Jupiter and Isis in Lutece

When the world is living an irreparable loss, which is the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, it is worth mentioning that in this place at the turn of the first century before and in the era, Jupiter’s ... Więcej


In 452 BCE plebeians and patricians agreed on the creation of a ten-person college to deal with the codification of Roman law. Until now, all norms of social life were based on common law, whose familiarity and interpretation were reserved ... Więcej

Apollo and Daphne on Roman fresco

Roman fresco showing Apollo’s declaration of love for Daphne, the girl’s vain attempt to flee and her capture by the god. Object found in Pompeii. Currently located in National Archaeological Museum, Naples.

Ruins of large theatre in Pompeii

Ruins of Roman large theatre in Pompeii. It was built in 2nd century BCE and was able to gather 5000 spectators.

“Emperors gamblers”

Suetonius reports that Augustus was a game lover to such extent that he invited his friends and family, gave everyone a sum of 250 denarii in order to encourage them to play. And he did not mind his own legal ... Więcej

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