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The author of the website is Jakub Jasiński alias Cosiek.

If you have any question or suggestions regarding the website, please write: [email protected].

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THe website was inscribed in the register of newspapers and magazines run by District Court in Warsaw, VII Civil Registry Department punder position Pr 20206.

Where the idea came from?

It began as early as I was in primary school; when history was already presented in a wider scope. My greatest attention was drawn to the Roman legions and the way they fight. And that’s how it started.

I gradually began to explore knowledge of the military affairs of ancient Rome, which within time turned into a real passion, not just a military one. Information from the Internet was regularly supplemented with book knowledge. And when it turned out that on the Internet there is practically no Polish side treating about ancient Rome, I was inspired to create my own website. The beginnings were really difficult, mainly because of my poor knowledge of HTML and CSS. I have been working on IMPERIUM ROMANUM since 2004, and in addition to the content, I am also improving the visual sphere of the website. I hope that in the future I will be able to create a really huge collection of knowledge about ancient Rome.

Why do I do this?

Creating a site and gathering materials about ancient Rome is my true passion, which I try to pursue in my free time. I try to develop articles and write new works. At present, there are over 3000 subpages in the database. While creating the site, I dreamed of creating a compendium of knowledge about the history of ancient Rome accessible to all. The site has been operating for over 10 years and I know that I managed to achieve it.

I still want to develop the website, which requires more and more time and money. I do not conceal the fact that my passion has exceeded my expectations and became a mission – to spread knowledge about ancient and Roman culture. For this reason, I am asking for support.

If you would like to contribute to the development of the website, there is a way – by clicking here. All payments are entirely allocated for programming corrections, optimization, server fees and translation of Polish articles to English. Thank you with all my heart!

History of website

The site has existed since 2004. Throughout its existence, the website has been transformed many times. Do you want to know how IMPERIUM ROMANUM developed and how did its previous views look like? (more)


I also count on your help in the development of IMPERIUM ROMANUM. If you want to publish a historical work, have noticed an error or would like to support the site financially, go to the link next to it. (more)

Gratias ago

At this point, I would like to thank those who have given me various support for the initiative – IMPERIUM ROMANUM:

  • Mirosław Grudzień
    For substantive and stylistic corrections of texts and sending interesting articles related to the history of ancient Rome.
  • Paweł Fiedorowicz
    For professional translation of the content into English.
  • Alan Bednarczyk
    For professional translation of the content into English.
  • Kimberly Sas
    For professional translation of the content into English.
  • Marcin Bąk
    For supporting and expanding knowledge on IMPERIUM ROMANUM by publishing articles about the famous battles of ancient Rome and much more.
  • Grzegorz Konieczny
    For technical support, optimization and adding new functionalities on the website.
  • Bartosz Jaklik
    For great substantive support of website in the form of numerous articles that enriched the content of the site.
  • Michał Jasiński
    Friend, for motivation to work and repeated emphasizing that the project IMPERIUM ROMANUM is my greatest life achievement.
  • Krzysztof Pawlak
    For help with marketing and innovations.
  • Violetta Fułat-Światowska
    For substantive support, numerous works and articles.
  • SKYPROJECT a zwłaszcza Pan Zbigniew Klebba
    For invaluable help in transferring the website to the WORDPRESS, professional technical assistance and advice on the development of the site.
  • Mateusz Kuziela
    For great support in editing texts published in IMPERIUM ROMANUM and correction of language and stylistic errors.
  • Iza Henning
    For expanding the collection of curiosities from the world of ancient Rome and generally very large support for.
  • Mariusz Poręba
    For help in completing content, correcting and expanding curiosities from the world of ancient Romans.
  • Gajusz Juliusz Krisbaum
    For help in correcting issues, professional support of the website in the form of numerous articles and general activity.
  • Explore
    Thanks to his numerous articles, I managed to enrich the resources on IMPERIUM ROMANUM.
  • Cezary Wyszyński (Kakaj) aka Cacaius Rebus Asellio
    An expert on the Roman army, thanks to whom the military section has been verified and enriched.
    An expert on Roman military and many other topics. A lot of information is his merit.
    For any help with editing, correcting and improving content, completing dates and correcting missing information.

IMPERIUM ROMANUM needs your support!

Your financial help is needed, in order to maintain and develop the website. Even the smallest amounts will allow me to pay for further corrections, improvements on the site and pay the server. I believe that I can count on a wide support that will allow me to devote myself more to my work and passion, to maximize the improvement of the website and to present history of ancient Romans in an interesting form.


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