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10 places where we can see unique Roman mosaics

Mosaics were very popular in the Roman Empire. From the colorful, marble (or glass cubes) squares various patterns were laid on the floors or walls. Many beautiful ancient compositions have been preserved to our day, which prove the craftsmanship of... Read more

Presence of Romans in China according to Chinese chronicles

The emperor rose slightly from the throne, and a long furrowed wrinkle appeared on his forehead. The courtiers looked anxiously at the Son of Heaven, who for a moment looked more astonished than outraged. After a while, however, anger took... Read more

Year of the Five Emperors

Year 193 CE is known in the history of ancient Rome as The Year of Five Emperors, because during these 365 days as many as five claimants claimed the throne. This year also brought the fall of the current Antonin... Read more

Terracina – ancient sanctuary of Romans

The oracles in antiquity were of enormous importance. Starting from the ordinary “gray” people, ending with leaders, rulers and leaders – everyone went there to get the answers to the questions asked. And advice was sought and sought both in... Read more

Ancient statues were colorful

However, the reality is quite different, which is confirmed by research of scientists. Most (or maybe all) public buildings, statues, monuments, etc. shimmered with numerous colors, which as a result of wind, sun, sand and time lost their color and... Read more

History of Punic Wars

Everyone has heard something about Punic wars, everyone knows something. It was called the war of the Roman Republic with Carthage, a Phoenician colony that became a separate state. Qart Hadasht (New Town) was the capital of the North African... Read more

Vision of Constantine before the battle of the Milvian Bridge

According to ancient sources, on the evening of October 27, 312 CE, just before the battle at the Milvian Bridge, Constantine the Great was to have a vision that led him to victory with the support of a Christian god.... Read more

Great fire in Rome

A great fire in Rome (Magnum Incendium Romae) broke out on July 19, 64 CE, when it consumed a large part of the city of Rome. Tacitus mentions the rapid spread of fire, which lasted five and a half days,... Read more

Kingdom period in Roman history

The history of Rome in the educational canon of teaching history begins with the founding myth immediately enters the times of the republic. The royal period is often overlooked in silence. This is understandable given the tight schedule of history... Read more

Roman Gerasa – pearl in the Middle East

Gerasa (modern Djerba) is located in Jordan. It was founded by Alexander the Great, and as he says, Józef Flavius ​ belonged to Dekapolis, i.e. a union of ten Hellenistic cities inhabited by non-Jewish people who opposed Semitic influences in... Read more

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