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The Roman state existed in practice for XIII centuries, being the power which was impacting the history. Therefore, I decided that I would tell the history of ancient Rome in the articles below, which will not necessarily cover only the Eternal City.

I encourage you to send articles and point out any corrections or inaccuracies.

Profanity in ancient Rome

Profanity is not just the domain of modern language. In the ancient and Roman times, vocabulary considered indecent was widely used. In ancient times and Roman times, descendants of “she-wolf” were commonly used in conversations, and less often in texts considered indecent. (more…)

Christmas and world of Romans

An extremely popular and important Roman holiday was Saturnalia, which was a time of universal joy, spending time with family, playing, reconciliation and equality. The poet himself Catullus called them “the best of the days”. Saturnalia was an annual festival honoring the god of agriculture of Saturn, and was celebrated from 17 to 23 December. Originally, Saturnalia only lasted until December 23, but was gradually extended until December 25, when the Sol Invictus was discussed (later ). (more…)

Infanticide in ancient Rome

Starting from the founding of Rome, the father of the family had extensive, almost unlimited power in relation to his family – literally the life of the offspring was in his hands. He had the right not to accept a child, regardless of his sex, even if he was healthy. The law of the Twelfth Tablets adopted in the early stages of the republic (450 BCE) even demanded the elimination of sick or weak children: “A dreadfully deformed child shall be quickly killed” (Table IV). (more…)

Roman sea expeditions

In addition to many land expeditions, the Romans also undertook several sea expeditions in southern directions. Greek scholars did not realize that the African continent stretches south of Libya, they believed that Libya was flowing around the ocean – according to Plutarch, Alexander the Great considered circumnavigating Libya as a shorter alternative to a trip by land from the Indus estuary to Macedonia. (more…)

How did the Romans dress?

The upper social strata of Rome paid attention to how they dressed and what fashion prevailed at that time. Roman clothes owed a lot to Greeks, but it should be emphasized that the Romans created their own style and cut of clothing (you can say more sophisticated). (more…)

Caesar’s ambitious plans before death

In the final period of his life, Julius Caesar was preparing for the implementation of several ambitious plans. To a large extent, these were only beautiful dreams, because having regard to the political realities and possibilities that existed at that time, he could not count on them to be finally realized. (more…)

Tattoos in Roman world

Body tattooing usually in the Roman or Greek world was associated with the barbarians and their mysterious cults. The custom among Greeks to tattoo bodies came from the Persians. They used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals, in case they tried to escape. (more…)

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