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9 November 2019

Marching squad of legionnaires – now on T-shirt!

The Shop offers products with a new print – the advancing squad of legionnaires (in color and black and white). I encourage you to check the new offer. (more…)

12 October 2019

New offer in store – “Carthago delenda est”

New print has appeared in the Store’s offer – Cato the Elder called Censor with the famous words “Carthago delenda est”. (more…)

12 October 2019

New print showing the initials IMPERIUM ROMANUM and Praetorian

New proposition has appeared in the IMPERIUM ROMANUM store for lovers of the ancient world of Rome: a print showing the initials IMPERIUM ROMANUM and the silhouette of a Praetorian. (more…)

25 February 2019

Assassin’s Creed: Legion – new part in Roman times?

Last year, it was announced that in 2019 there will be no successor to the cult series “Assassin’s Creed”. However, as The Codex proclaims, the next part of the game is to have its premiere in 2020 and is to have the title “Legion”. (more…)

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