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It is possible to establish advertising cooperation with IMPERIUM ROMANUM. The website is in the first results of Google. The website contains over 3300 articles and is visited monthly by over 100.000 unique users. On email request, I’m able to provide statistics from Google Analytics.

IMPERIUM ROMANUM exists on social network: Facebook fanpage has over 15.600 likes, on Twitter there are over 320 followers, Reddit profile is observd by over 160 users and Instagram profile is observed by over 190 users. What’s more, the website is active via OneSignal, which is observed by 12.000 viewers. The site is visited by readers of various ages; however, the biggest part is for young people – up to 34 years old. The ratio of women to men is slightly in favor of the fairer sex.

Currently, IMPERIUM ROMANUM has the most information among websites dealing with this topic and is the largest Polish page about ancient Rome. Additionally, website is developing and expanding in English version. In the field of science it occupies one of the highest positions on the Internet. Often articles are in front of the Wikipedia results and are treated as very valuable content.

Due to the large base of recipients and the popularity of the website, various forms of cooperation are available.

Suggested forms of advertising

  • top banner (preferred: approx. 1140 × 200px);
  • side banner (preferred: approx. 315 × 320px);
  • middle banner (preferred: approx. 780 × 100px);
  • lower banner (preferred: approx. 750 × 200px);
  • page background
  • article or sponsored text (determined individually);
  • contest (determined individually);
  • media patronage (determined individually);
  • link on the page (determined individually);
  • background photo in social media: Facebook, G+ or Twitter
  • social entry (determined individually);

I guarantee that I will not publish more than four ads on the website at the same time. Banners will appear on the main page and all subpages of the IMPERIUM ROMANUM website. The dimensions of the banners can naturally be adjusted after prior arrangement.
I approach each advertiser and partner individually. I am happy to advise on the optimal use of funds allocated for advertising on the website or help in the preparation of appropriate materials.

If you are interested in buying an advertisement or want to check the prices, I enclose the price list .

I am also happy to answer your offers, questions or concerns. Please write me the mail.

IMPERIUM ROMANUM potrzebuje Twojego wsparcia!

Aby portal mógł istnieć i się dalej rozwijać potrzebne jest finansowe wsparcie. Nawet najmniejsze kwoty pozwolą mi opłacić dalsze poprawki, ulepszenia na stronie oraz serwer. Wierzę w to, że będę mógł liczyć na szersze wsparcie, które pozwoli mi jeszcze bardziej poświęcić się mojej pracy i pasji, maksymalnie usprawniać stronę oraz ukazywać świat antycznych Rzymian w interesującej formie.


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